A Fake Mario Endorsement for an Acapulco Mayoral Candidate

If you are going to fake an endorsement then you probably can't do any better than good old Mario, Nintendo's number one mascot. The billboard (pictured to your left) shows Mario posing with Acapulco, Mexico mayoral candidate Pepe Guerrero.

The billboard carries that tagline "Pepe Guerrero es tu bro," which roughly translates (according to Google Translate, at least) to "Pepe Guerrero is your bro." 

Now I’m not sure if Pepe Guerrero really is your "bro," but it's highly unlikely that Nintendo approved the use of Mario in this political ad, or that you could consider this an endorsement of Pepe Guerrero by Nintendo or our favorite plumber. Still, I do think it's a fun little ad that catches the eye. I just hope Pepe Guerrero will remain the "bro" of Acapulco residents in the event that he wins the election…

Source: GoNintendo by way of Kill Screen. Image via Kill Screen.


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