Main Campus Camps Launches Kickstarter for Video Game Design Summer Day Camp Program

Ed Fleming, founder of the Main Campus Camps, let us know that he has launched a Kickstarter to provide some much needed funding to buy new technology for the summer video game design camp, along with some funding to give "in-need kids" free access to the program. Main Campus Camps hosts video game and science & technology summer day camps for children ages 5 – 16 years-old at Villanova University, just outside of Philadelphia.

The day camps also put a heavy emphasis on activities that promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They are seeking $4,000 in funding to upgrade Main Campus programs with new equipment, improved technology, and an updated curriculum. They also hope to provide campers better resources so that they can participate in a bunch of fun activities such as creating video games, conducting scientific experiments, and designing a variety of projects.

On a related note, Ed tells us that his daughter, Laura Fleming, created a game at the camp last year called Cat Rescue, which is now being highlighted as part of the Math Alive! exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. The exhibit highlights the importance of math in everyday life .

You can learn more about the Main Campus Camps at and can provide funding for this year's program on this Kickstarter page. You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video to your left.

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