Report: Gaikai and Sony in Deal to Stream PlayStation Classics

June 1, 2012 -

According to several published reports, Sony will bring backwards compatibility back to the PlayStation 3 via a new partnership with cloud-based game streaming company Gaikai. Using the company's game-streaming technology PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play first- and third-party classic PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 titles through the service. Sony is expected to make some sort of announcement related to cloud-based gaming next week during its E3 Expo press event in Los Angeles. Gaikai and Sony have made no public comment on this rumor.

Sony ditched disc-based backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3 when it introduced the PS3 Slim Line model - much to the chagrin of fans who happened to have a large collection of classic games for the company's older systems...

The company founded by former Shiny Entertainment front man David Perry has secured a number of major partnerships during 2012 with such companies as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Facebook, Target, and Capcom. If this deal turns out to be real, it would mark the first time that Gaikai has streamed content that is not PC-based.

We will let you know if this rumor turns out to be true.

Source: GamesIndustry International


Re: Report: Gaikai and Sony in Deal to Stream PlayStation ...

They should have put the hardware emulation on an optional daughtercard to begin with.

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