Brian Fargo: Kickstarter Can Save Mid-Sized Studios

Interplay co-founder and current InXile front man Brian Fargo tells Game Informer that Kickstarter can be the saving grace for mid-sized developers who can't find the funding and support they need from publishers who are more focused on AAA franchises and the high profile, well-funded studios that make them.

"You've got this huge gap now. You've got the big triple-A developers, who typically have these housekeeping deals with the publishers where they'll keep feeding them these 10-30 million-dollar projects and keeping them alive. Then you've got the small little indies doing their stuff, which is great, but they're just two or three or four or five people. When I say mid-sized, I mean 15-20 people. I'm not talking about a huge company."

InXile successfully funded Wasteland 2, raising well over $3 million in the process. The company started out by asking the community to help them raise $900,000.

"I saw [Kickstarter] as a way to save the mid-sized developer, us included, so I dropped everything and jumped on it."

Of course it helps if that mid-sized developer has a history in the industry. Fargo, Al Lowe, and Double Fine are not exactly unknown and having developed successful franchises in the past it was probably a little bit easier for people to support them. Nevertheless, the Kickstarter community has been pretty adept at backing projects they perceive to be worthwhile…

Source: GamesIndustry International

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