Epic Hires Former Big Huge Games Employees for New Baltimore Studio

Epic Games is putting together a brand new studio in Baltimore comprised completely of former Big Huge Games employees. The team was part of 38 Studios before its financial troubles put the entire company in limbo.

While Epic Games President Mike Capps says that "there's a million things to work out," the plan is to have these employees work as contractors. All of this work will be remotely because these employees will remain in Baltimore.

Capps went on to say that the management of Big Huge Games approached them about the possibility of starting a new studio that would remain in Baltimore. He was particularly impressed with the fact that all of these employees wanted to continue working together as a team.

What the studio will work on is unknown, but at least they have jobs.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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    black manta says:

    Sounds like there may have a happy ending for Big Huge Games after all, as Epic rides in like Prince Charming on his white horse to rescue the damsel in distress. smiley


    If there was a true, innocent victim in this whole fiasco, it was definitely Big Huge Games.  They were a great developer, and their only misfortune was being attached to 38 Studios as they went under and they had nothing to do whatsoever with any of the big decisions being made at the top level.

    Hopefully Epic will recognize their legacy of previous game titles (Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends) and allow them full creative control in any of their future projects.

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