Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 5

In Episode 5 of the Super Podcast Action Committee, James Fudge talks to GaymerCon organizer Matt Conn about the first-of-its-kind LGBT-focused gaming event (find it at 12:36 mark – you can also find a transcript here). Meanwhile hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk way too long about E3, Nintendo, the Wii U and the Game Genie (the segment begins at 25:48 mark). Finally Andrew and Zachary dissect the controversy over the Hitman Absolution and Among The Sleep trailers (this segment begins at the 1 hour, 5 minute mark). Download it here: SuperPAC Episode 5  (1 hour, 38 minutes, 67.5 MB)

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Blame Andrew and EZK for the length!

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