Survey Says: We Don’t Want a Wii U

According to a Dealnews survey (accompanied by a handy dandy infographic) that polled 1,551 Dealnews readers the Xbox 360 is the gaming console of choice according to 38 percent of respondents. PC gaming comes in at second with 27 percent of those surveyed, followed by 20 percent who said they use the PS3, and 6 percent said they play exclusively on their smartphones. Both Android and iPad tablets combined received 4 percent support as a gaming platform. Only two percent said they use PlayStation Vita or Nintendo DS.

When it comes to spending, 46 percent of gamers said they spend $41 – $60 on a single game, while 73 percent said they would be willing to spend money on a mobile game. The majority of respondents (33 percent) said they would drop about $1.99 – $4.98 on an app or game, while only 3 percent said they would be willing to spend $9.99 or more on a mobile game. Around 55 percent of respondents also said that they'd be willing to purchase a mobile version of a console game, but 42 percent said they would only do that if the mobile version was cheaper. Of all system owners, PS3 owners are the thriftiest, with 32 percent saying they would only buy a mobile game if it was free.

Xbox 360 owners spent the most time playing online spending between 2 – 5 hours per week playing video games. All other platforms said they spent 0 – 1 hour on their consoles per week playing games. Around 86 percent classified Xbox owners as true gamers, while 52 percent of Wii or handheld console owners felt that way. Around 88 percent of smartphone owners said that they did not consider themselves gamers.

Finally, Nintendo might not be happy to hear that 75 percent of those surveyed said that they were not interested in buying the Wii U and 64 percent of current Wii owners aren't interested either. Of course as more first and third party titles are revealed this week at E3 that number is going to change dramatically…

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Or we can, you know, wait and see. We don't have a release date for the console, just information about features. And I'm fairly certain the only reason the 3DS was laking a bit was Nintendo trying to beat the Vita.

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    Vake Xeacons says:

    Nintendo did; third party didn't. Just like the Wiimote. We saw a ton of potential back in 2006 and no one accessed it. We got stuck with the Wiimote waggle. It took almost a year for a decent library on the 3DS. Whatever the Wii U has to offer, it pains me to say that few will try it out.

    I will say this though: the Wii needs a serious upgrade.

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    Neeneko says:

    I am not sure "64 percent of current Wii owners aren't interested either." is a bad thing. I think it shows that Wii owners are generally not gadget freaks waiting to jump on the newest untested product simply because it is the new version.

    While that gaff regarding 'people will buy the PS3 regardless' was a bit crude, there is some reality behind it.   A significant chunk of the 'gamer' demographic is upgrade centeric.. newer thing comes out, people want to get new thing, same as any other gagdget community.

    One of the big things about the Wii is it attracted a lot of people from outside that demographic, people who would not normally by a console…. but if the WiiU ends up being fun and has good games they might still get one.. they just are not generally interested in getting it because it is the latest and greatest.  So plenty of room for printing money in there (and plenty of room for failure too…)

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    GrimCW says:

    "Around 86 percent classified Xbox owners as true gamers, while 52 percent of Wii or handheld console owners felt that way."

    this made me laugh and die a little in side at the same time..

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