THQ and Zuffa Part Ways, EA Gains UFC License

THQ and UFC owner Zuffa announced that they have reached an agreement resulting in Zuffa licensing going to Electronic Arts. The agreement allows THQ to step away from yet another major license and it gives EA the right to publish videogames based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand. The agreement results in an undisclosed cash payment to THQ as well and THQ will continue to publish its existing console and mobile titles through March 31, 2013.

"Over the last three years, THQ has delivered best-in-class, all-encompassing experiences to MMA fans, sports enthusiasts and fighting gamers around the globe with its UFC Undisputed series. We want to thank them for their stewardship of our brand," said Dana White, President, UFC. "We look forward to joining forces with EA to leverage their sports platform, and expand our brand in the video game space."

"We have relished our relationship with UFC over the last several years and believe that the UFC gaming brand is in great shape," Brian Farrell, THQ’s Chairman and CEO said. "THQ’s more focused strategy moving forward meant that transferring the license to EA made sense to all parties. We would like to thank UFC for their great support and partnership and wish EA all the best moving forward."

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    EA hasn't had a baseball game in like five years, no MLB licensed baseball game (while the MVP series was the best at the time) in seven years. Take-Two/2K has had the rights since though their deal left openings for games like MLB The Show series to keep going and yeah, that's been widely considered the superior game for a few years now.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    I think by Stranglehold he means them having exclusive rights to use the names and faces, which sadly can help sell a game.

    One example I can think of it Blitz: The League. No one even remembers it.

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    Sleaker says:

    EA doesn't have a strangle on any of the sports, they just have licensing rights to use popular real players likenesses, and the leagues from some specific IP.

    Anyone can go out and make a really good football or hockey game, they just can't use the specific names of sports teams etc without getting the rights to them.


    SCEA produces MLB which has gotten consistently better reviews than the EA counterparts.

    Konami produces Pro Evolution Soccer which gets as good, or better reviews than EA Fifa often.

    There are multiple non-EA golf games, both Simulation, and Cartoonish. 

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