Will Wright’s HiveMind in Limbo over Litigation

GamesBeat is reporting that SimCity and The Sims creator Will Wright's young company HiveMind has been stalled by litigation between the founders of the company. Wright's gaming start-up hoped to realize the concept of "personal gaming" where the studio's designers would use demographic data to create personal gaming experiences for individuals rather than the masses.

According to legal documents obtained by GamesBeat (found on Scribd), former HiveMind chief executive Jawad Ansari is suing Hive Mind to maintain his 30 percent equity stake in the company. Ansari filed his lawsuit after the directors of the company – including Wright and Raj Parekh, a managing director of Redwood Venture Partners – removed Ansari from the company.

Ansari filed his lawsuit in an Alameda County, California court in February against the company, naming Wright, Parekh, and Wright's other company Stupid Fun Club. Wright countersued in a Delaware court.

Ultimately the lawsuit is about a partnership and the promise of funding that went horribly wrong. GamesBeat does a good job of chronicling how HiveMind ended up falling apart. At this point it is just an empty husk of a company with no money, and most likely no future. You can read about it all here.

Wright sums it up nicely with the following comment:

"It didn’t work out at all. Hive Mind is still a company. But it has no money. No nothing. It’s just sitting there because of the litigation. It is frozen. It’s so complex and there’s quite a bit of disappointment."

Source: GamesBeat by way of Andrew Eisen.

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    Neeneko says:

    Throughout the piece I knew it was impossible to tell who was being truthful and who was being a dick.. but that last bit about putting together a youtube documentary to smear the other person makes me think that Wright is probably the one being honest and the other guy is being slimy and hoping to make a quick buck off the notoriety.

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    "Ansari alleges that Wright is trying to sell the Hive Mind ideas again, only through the Stupid Fun Club, as if that entity owned them."

    I just laughed at this.

    I'm also not a fan of how the Ansari character is apparently going to release a YouTube documentary exposing the "truth" about Wright as it just comes off as extremely petty, even if he is right.

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