Microsoft Brings $99 Xbox 360 Bundle to Best Buy, GameStop

June 5, 2012 -

If you were aching to get that $99 Xbox 360 deal (we detailed the pitfalls of it way back in Episode 2 of the Super PAC) then you might be happy to hear that Microsoft will extend the pilot program beyond the Microsoft store to other retailers including Best Buy and GameStop later this month.

The $99 Xbox 360 offers consumers a 4GB system and a pricey subscription to Xbox Live for a mandatory period of two years. Microsoft said that it would limit the number of units distributed to these partners. This bundle requires purchasers to sign up for a two-year contract and Xbox Live Gold monthly subscription priced at $14.99.

Microsoft added that it will extend or expand the program based on user demand. If you enjoy this business model popularized by mobile phone providers that lock you into a two-year contract, then you'll be chomping at the bit to get involved in this one...

Source: Gamasutra


Re: Microsoft Brings $99 Xbox 360 Bundle to Best Buy, GameStop

It's a decent business model. Although it's not for me I can certainly see it working for a lot of people.

Granted you end up paying $460 over 2 years, when the system is only worth $200, but for anyone who wanted to get a Live subscription anyway, it's a cool way to save $100.

Re: Microsoft Brings $99 Xbox 360 Bundle to Best Buy, GameStop

And if the 720 launches next year, as is rumored, good luck trading this thing in for it.

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