OnLive Brings Gaming to LG Televisions

Cloud-based gaming service OnLive announced at the opening of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles that the company has partnered with television manufacturer LG to provide gaming without the need for hardware. All consumers will need is OnLive's gamepad. The company also revealed a number of new services that it plans to roll into its gaming service.

LG's G2 series of televisions as well as Google TV will support OnLive gaming. Naturally you'll need a subscription to play full games, but you'll be able to use social features and try out free 30-minute demos of games on supported LG models.

OnLive also announced that it has updated spectator mode, and its browser-based gaming services which promises to give publishing partners "one-click" access to their games. That update goes live today in Europe and America. They also announced OnLive MultiView, which offers more social features such as chat and spectator mode. This feature will work for both multiplayer and single player titles, and will go live later this year.

Finally the company said that it now has 60 publishing partners, hundreds of games, and millions of subscribers since it launched with 19 games two years ago.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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