XBLA Minecraft Sells Two Million Units

According to a couple of tweets from the guys at Mojang today, the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft is the "best selling Xbox Live Arcade ever."

"Best-selling Live Arcade game ever, in less than a month," said Minecraft creator and Mojang boss Markus Persson on Twitter earlier today.

Mojang business developer Daniel Kaplan later tweeted that the Xbox 360 version of the game has already managed to sell over 2 million units.

"2 million! '@notch: Best selling XBLA game ever, in less than a month. =D'," added Kaplan in a tweet.

Across all platforms, Minecraft has sold 10 million units to date. Not too shabby for an indie.

Source: MCV

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    David says:

    I bought it.  I had a dream about it, having only seen it in action once, and now have a desire to make a giant cat's head over a lava pool.  Don't ask me to explain.

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    axiomatic says:

    I was surprised that the game controller interface actually surpasses the PC version. Especially the crafting workbench. This 360 functionality needs to be adopted in the PC version ASAP.

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