Gaikai Inks Deal with Machinima

Cloud gaming service Gaikai has announced a deal with Machinima to bring its popular entertainment content to Gaikai's open platform for integration across all Gaikai-powered devices. Machinima claims an audience of 168 million gamers, who viewed more than 1.61 billion videos in the month of April, according to Gaikai.

Earlier this week the company announced a deal with Samsung to bring its cloud-based gaming services to the company's Smart TV line of high definition internet-ready televisions.

"We're greatly expanding the value of what Gaikai offers gamers and our platform partners by collaborating with Machinima to provide award-winning video content that dramatically enriches the end-user experience. Machinima has quickly grown into the world's most popular video entertainment network for gamers by creating exceptional programming, which can be integrated seamlessly using the Gaikai cloud service," said Robert Stevenson, EVP at Gaikai.

"Our content keeps our fans highly engaged and active with their favorite games, and has increasingly expanded to original series. Gaikai's open cloud platform and ever growing list of impressive platform partners will allow us to increase our brand's reach across multiple platforms," said Sanjay Sharma, EVP Strategy and Business Development at Machinima.

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