GameStop: Next-Gen Consoles Will Allow Used Games

Despite all the talk about a next-generation console future where consumers are not allowed to play their used games by evil platform holders like Microsoft and Sony, retailer GameStop says that such a future is unlikely. The video game retailer firmly believes that the next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft will handle the business of retail trade-ins and used game sales the way they always have – by mostly ignoring them. The company made its remarks during an investor meeting with analyst firm Baird Equity Research. Of course that doesn’t mean that game developers and publishers won’t try to find new ways to monetize access to game features such as online play and DLC.

The company said that the new consoles will support used games, and will not implement systems to lock out used game sales.

Analyst Colin Sebastian from Baird Equity added in a report this week to investors that the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will arrive sometime in fourth quarter of 2013, and will focus more on new online services over significant graphical improvements and system horsepower. He also believes that both consoles will provide more flexible revenue models for developers and publishers to take advantage of such as in-game micro-transactions and support for the free-to-play model. Sony already has a leg up on Microsoft on that front; it already offers several free-to-play games such as DC Universe Online and Free Realms…

Source: Gamasutra

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