Male Employees Go on a Rampage at Foxconn Plant

According to Want China Times a riot occurred at Foxconn’s Chengdu plant in Sichuan on Monday night. According to the report the riot was caused by male employees at the plant who were upset at the way security guards at the plant apprehended a "thief." While details on why the security guards apprehended the man were not clear, the situation soon went out of control and over 1,000 male workers went ballistic throwing bins, bottles, and fireworks from the upper floors of the building.

This particular Foxconn plant produces products from Apple like iPhones and iPads and produces products for Microsoft related to the Xbox 360, among an assortment of other products.

Hundreds of local police officers were called in to deal with the chaos, with dozens of workers being arrested, according to the report. The riot lasted about two hours.

Source: MCV

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