Nintendo Thinking about Ways to Transfer Wii Content to Wii U

Those consumers who own a Wii are probably more than a little concerned that all their save games, Virtual Console purchases and WiiWare games will be lost in the shuffle if they buy a Wii U will be happy to hear that Nintendo is thinking about how to migrate all that content over to its new system. While they don't have any specific answers at this point, at least they seem to be cognizant of the fact that fans are not willing to abandon their Wii gaming history so readily.

During a round table discussion with Nintendo during E3 this week (attended by the fine folks at Joystiq) Nintendo designer Katsuya Eguchi offered a little reassurance on that front.

"We are readying the system, yes, to transfer saves and everything you've bought," said designer Katsuya Eguchi during the roundtable.

Hopefully by the time Nintendo decides to launch its new system they will have some solid answers for consumers on how this great migration of content will be facilitated.

Source: Joystiq

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