Sony Expects to Move 10 Million PS Vita’s in Current Fiscal Year

Sony Computer Entertainment is bullish on PS Vita's future in the current fiscal year, despite its lack of Vita software shown during its E3 press conference this week. The company said this week that it expects to sell ten million units of its newest hand-held system by March 2013 – the end of its current fiscal year. It will do this, it claims, by releasing "blockbuster games" during the holiday season and by strengthening the system's online offerings as well. Unfortunately Sony didn't do a very good job of highlighting what these "blockbuster titles" will be at E3 this week.

The biggest titles for Vita shown at its E3 press conference were Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation and Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.

Despite the lack of software, Sony said that it has no plans to do what Nintendo did early on with the 3DS – cut its price.

While we wish them well, a system without a decent amount of new software is destined to failure. Perhaps Sony has a number of PS Vita exclusive titles that it plans to reveal later this year, but its E3 presence for Vita seems to be almost non existent…

Source: Gamasutra

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    GrimCW says:

    if it gets a new socom, some more PSP support (especially for the SoCom FTB games) as well as some other better games.. well i can see it happening.

    BUT… they need some actually better than what we have games. While Unit 13 is awesome its lack of any actual SP and constantly re-used levels make it pretty low even compared to PSP titles.. and then theres the beating that Mortal Kombat took despite the swearing up and down that was made that it'd LOOK and play just like the console version…. Unit 13 has spectacular GFX imo, but its limited level design and no real SP is a massive letdown :( but playing it is still very perty :)

    i like the vita, it still sees more use than my DS/3DS ever have at this point (never got into the funky double jointed touch controls and having to set it on a table just to play half the time), but developers seem skittish about really pushing it and trying to make bigger games. as it stands i feel the PSP had some "larger" titles than the Vita has atm, maybe Ninja Gaiden and Wipeout standing aside. Hell, NGS is pretty damned good looking and smooth on this thing! if that game can work that well, then what is holding up others?

    can't wait for the MGSHD set and Gravity Rush though. I just hope people aren't working themselves up over GR to much, cause while it looks awesome (and the demo is) i feel like some people are expecting far more than it appears to have…

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