Sony: We Want to be ‘Best,’ not ‘First’ with PS4

Last year Sony was saying that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to let Microsoft get a significant jump on them in the next generation of console hardware with its "Xbox 720" system. This year at E3 in Los Angeles, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton says that being first isn't as important as being best. He told GameTrailers TV that "the number one goal is to be the best machine." The statement was in response to being asked if Sony's next-generation home console, the PS4, would be released before Microsoft's.

"We've never been first, we've never been cheapest, it's about being best," Tretton told GTTV in an interview. "And I think if you can build a better machine and it's going to come out a little bit later, that's better than rushing something to market that's going to run out of gas for the long-term."

Tretton went on to say that in a perfect world Sony would have the cheapest machine with the best hardware and would ship first. If wishes were horses, dreamers would ride…

"In every platform we do, long-term life cycles, diversity and coming up with key franchises that keep people interested in out platform, that's been really the focus through three consoles, two portables, and it'll clearly be our focus going forward in the next generation."

Source: C&VG


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    jedidethfreak says:

    Yeah, Sony, cuz releasing with the biggest tech and selling at a huge loss (despite an exhorbitant price point) not only worked out so well, it's really the responsible thing to do considering SCE just posted it's first profit in nearly a DECADE.

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    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    Better in what way?  The PS3 was a more technically advanced system than the Xbox360 – but all that happened was that cross-platform devs coded for the lowest common denominator.  Will the PS4 continue the trend of good hardware going to waste?


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    hellfire7885 says:

    Smart Sony, very smart. It's better to get it done right instead of done fast. It's part of why I can forgive the length of the infamous PSN outage. Xbox fanboys still preach about it.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    "Sony: We Want to be 'Best,' not 'First' with PS4"

    The sheer rate of hardware failures relating to the original Xbox 360 which released far ahead of it's competitors more than attest to this sentiment.

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