FTC Urges ITC to Refrain from iOS and Xbox 360 Device Bans

Florian Mueller, patent law expert and proprietor of the wonderful web site Foss Patents, passed along a note letting us know that the Federal Trade Commission recently sent a letter to the International Trade Commission asking the organization not to ban the sale of the iPhone, iPad or Xbox 360 related to complaints filed by Google.

The agency urged the ITC to consider the impact of banning products from Microsoft and Apple on U.S. consumers. While the ITC's investigations have produced preliminary findings of violations against both companies that favor Google, the final decision will be made by ITC's six-member commission.

The five-page letter urges the ITC not to impose any kind of remedies that might be in conflict with the public interests of consumers in the United States such as product bans. It also offers plenty of alternative methods for dealing with the situations created by these patent disputes like forcing all parties involved to engage in some sort of mediation to resolve the issue and for those offending parties to make a good faith offer on any royalty payments they have been determined to owe.

Foss Patents has a rather lengthy run-down of the entire situation here, along with some excellent analysis of the entire situation from Mueller. We also want to strongly note that Florian Mueller disclosed his prior work with Microsoft on patent issues and patent law.

Source: Foss Patents

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