Michael Pachter: Sony and Microsoft Waiting on Wii U Pricing

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft and Sony may very well cut the price of their respective consoles at some point but are waiting to see what the retail price of the Wii U will be so they can respond accordingly.

"I think both Microsoft and Sony are waiting to see Wii U pricing. If it is over $300, they don't need to cut." Pachter tells C&VG.

"When Nintendo makes a move, they [Sony and Microsoft] will respond accordingly," he added.

Earlier today analyst Sebastian Colin of Baird Equity Research also indicated that he expects Microsoft and Sony to make price cuts, which he categorized as "necessary."

On the PS Vita front, Pachter thinks that if Sony decides to slash the price of its hand-held at all it won't be until November of this year. When asked about a price cut similar to what Nintendo did with its 3DS, Sony executives said it was too soon to even think about such things.

Source: C&VG

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