Help EXP Bar Change BC Law on Video Games in Bars

Former Radical Entertainment employee Brian Vidovic is trying to launch the EXP Restaurant + Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was well on his way in doing so – having already raised $31,737 of its $50,000 goal via IndieGoGo – but ran into some serious red tape. The idea behind the EXP Bar is to combine video games and video game culture with an adult bar atmosphere, but the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of British Columbia has a law that says that you can't have video games and alcohol in a "red line district." The location of the bar just happens to be in one of these areas.

So Brian Vidovic is fighting back with a petition on asking the Board to lift the restriction from EXP's license. The Board has the power to do this on its own without changing any of the rules. That's where you come in. By signing the petition and talking to your elected official (if you live in BC) you can help Brian Vidovic get past all of this nonsense.

Here's an excerpt from the petition:

The LCLB has banned video games at our one-of-a-kind venue in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. EXP Restaurant + Bar ( has been trying to provide a gamer-centric city with a new venue to enjoy their hobby, craft, and passion for video games, but the liquor board has put a stop to that with an archaic law on entertainment. With the vague wording of 'the use of gaming consoles outlined in red on the official floor plans is prohibited', (the red line is our entire venue) we aren't sure if smart phones, gaming tablets, laptops, or computers are affected and thus we might have to ban all electronic devices from our establishment for fear of being shut down. It is ridiculous, unfair, and near-sighted of them to apply this to our license.

The general manager has the ability to change this without a change in any legislation. We want to get the provision that bans gaming in our establishment lifted from our license.

Add your John Hancock here. Ultimately the goal is to get this kind of restriction eliminated from licenses issued in the future.

Thanks to Vancouver-based 3D animator Steven Blomkamp for letting us know about this.

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