National Institute for Health Offers Big Grant For Small Game Developers

The National Institute for Health is offering a grant to small indie game developers who are willing to partner with clinical neuroscientists to create game software that advances neuropsychotherapy and technologies that can be used to improve cognitive processes. While the grant only funds phase I and II research, but the goal is to quickly develop and commercialize successful studies.

According to NIH, this $3 million grant is designed to "support the development of highly engaging cognitive training interventions delivered through computers and/or gaming platforms that are targeted to the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, autism and/or HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND), with the goal of improving real-world functioning of patients."

It was announced on June 8 in anticipation of the Games For Health Project, which holds its eighth annual event June 12 – 14 in Boston, Massachusetts (it starts tomorrow). Applications can be submitted now and will be accepted until December 2013.

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Thanks to Cole for sending this our way!

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