Silicon Knights Cuts Staff Down to 'Core Group'

June 12, 2012 -

Canadian studio Silicon Knights has been forced to cut its staff down to a "core group" that scaling back that will focus "all efforts on future opportunities," according to studio founder Denis Dyack. Dyack did not say how many employees were laid off.

The developer behind Too Human said that the layoffs are a direct result of losing its legal battle with Epic last month. The studio sued Epic for allegedly not supporting its Unreal Engine and for spending all of its time on developing Gears of War. The company was asking for $58 million in damages.

A North Carolina jury sided with Epic, and ultimately awarded the company $4.5 million related to its countersuit against Silicon Knights. Epic claimed that the studio had stolen trade secrets when it built its own engine for Too Human.

Source: Develop


Re: Silicon Knights Cuts Staff Down to 'Core Group'

Anther batch of employees jobless because of arrogant, foolish leadership.  Dyack and Curt Schilling should form a club.

Re: Silicon Knights Cuts Staff Down to 'Core Group'

Denis Dyack shouldn't have his job anymore.  His self-important ranting and idiotic behavior during the Too Human leadup/release, combined with his need to blame (and sue) others for his own mistakes has resulted in many lost jobs.  

The troubles at Silicon Knights happened on his watch.  Time to man up and step down...too bad Dyack has a documented history of *not* manning up.

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