Temporary Layoffs Hit Slant Six

Vancouver-based game development studio Slant Six has been forced to lay off some of its staff, according to Gamespot. Slant Six is best known for developing Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and several Socom titles.

The company has laid off around a quarter of its staff, but a spokesperson tells GameSpot that these layoffs are temporary. The company employs around 96 people.

"We are working very hard on new business prospects so we can reinstate every single person affected," a studio spokesperson told GameSpot. "As an independent and close-knit studio it is a very difficult but necessary business measure due to the current project cycle demands."

The remaining staff members are continuing to work on Strata Scavenger, a downloadable post-apocalyptic flight simulation game for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The company's first self-published title, Strata Scavenger is set for release sometime early next year. They are also working on another title for a big publisher.

Source: Gamespot

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