Jamaican Authorities Find 24 Pounds of Cocaine in Xbox

A short story on Boston.com details yet another criminal using an Xbox 360 to smuggle drugs. According to Jamaican authorities, they have seized 24 pounds of cocaine concealed inside the shell of an Xbox. The seizure was conducted by the Jamaica Customs Department, who say that they discovered the cocaine at Kingston's airport shortly after a Guyanese traveler cleared customs with a laptop and a suitcase.

The man later returned to the baggage area claiming that he had forgotten a third item. Slightly suspicious, customs officers scanned and searched an Xbox in his bag and found the cocaine. The man later admitted, according to authorities, that he had been paid $5 million to transport the drugs.

Apparently there has been an increase in cocaine trafficking from Jamaica to the New York City area, and more than a few customs officials have had their security credentials revoked over incidents involving drugs and drug trafficking.

I admire the man's excellent packing skills…

Source: Boston.com

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