Political Rampage Released

FiveOneNine Games has released its first iOS game today called Political Rampage. The game gives players control of "outrageous caricatures" of famous American politicians who battle in quick match-three battles to win debates on the campaign trail. The items you will be matching in the game are issues important to the voting public.

Players choose from two game modes, Campaign Trail and Never-Ending Debate. In the first mode players tackle a series of debates with the candidate of their choosing across the country. In Never-Ending Debate mode, players debate until they can't take it anymore in a bid to get a high score against an infinite stream of opponents.

From what we can tell the game features such politicians as President Barack Obama (D), Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), Former New York State Senator and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), soon-to-be retired Texas Congressmen Ron Paul (R), and more.

You can find the game right now on iTunes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or visit www.fiveoneninegames.com for more information.

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