Humble Bundle V Inches Towards $5 Million With Hours to Go

June 14, 2012 -

With only a few more hours to go, the Humble Indie Bundle V is inching towards $5 million dollars. As of this writing the total number of payments made is at $4,969,788.10 on the sale of 584,349 bundle purchases. The pay-what-you-want DRM free bundle is doing so well because of the games in it and the price people are willing to pay for them: the average price currently stands at $8.50.

Humble Bundle V offers Bastion, LIMBO, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Psychonauts, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Bastion (plus three other games) requires that you pay more than the current average price of $8.50 and the soundtracks for all of the above listed games are also included.

The charities you can donate to include Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For more information on the latest bundle, check out We will update this story later today when the bundle finally ends.

UPDATE: Humble Bundle V has come to a close, selling 598,980 bundles for a whopping grand total of $5,106,810.98.


Re: Humble Bundle V Inches Towards $5 Million With Hours to Go

Having never played amnesia or psychonauts, this was the perfect motivation for me.  I donated $15 to the cause, and wow, what have I been missing?

Re: Humble Bundle V Inches Towards $5 Million With Hours to Go

They've soared way past 5 Million now! WOOHOO!

But James has copy and pasted part of another article, so the $7.86 number he has in there is not correct. At the time he posted it, you needed to pay 8.50, and as of right now, you need to pay 8.51 to get the final FOUR games. He got that part wrong too.

EDIT: He fixed it

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