IGN Launches Asia Pacific Portal

Last month IGN opened a new portal dedicated to Middle Eastern countries and this month it is tackling a whole new region on the map: Asia Pacific. The News Corp. owned mega-portal dedicated to gaming and entertainment will be launching a portal to serve China, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. 

This new portal is IGN’s ninth national site. The company currently serves Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, US, Germany, Sweden and the Middle East. Portals in Germany, Sweden, and the Middle East are being handled and maintained through various partnerships with third-party content providers.

The Asian web operation will be led by editor-in-chief Maxime Villandré, a games industry executive who helped established the UK developer Codemasters in Malaysia. Villandré is located in Kuala Lumpur. Sales will be handled by Spiral Media. IGN Entertainment international business development director Adam Doree and International VP Ian Chambers will be running things from the IGN side from London.

More on the site can be found at ap.ign.com.

Source: PaidContent

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