Fans Urge Crytek to Kickstart TimeSplitters 4

Fans really want a new TimeSplitters title from Crytek and they have taken their fight to Facebook to make their voices heard. The group has asked Crytek to bring the project to Kickstarter so that the community can fund the newest TimeSplitters game. So far the group has support from more than 3,000 Facebook users.

"We are a group trying to convince Crytek to finish developing TimeSplitters 4! Even if it means doing a Kickstarter," the group has said. "Even though the page is to gain 100k, we'll probably need much more. So don't give up at 100k!"

In the past Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that his company was not working on the game: "I wish we were working on it." But the recent activity and show for support has intrigued Yerli, who wrote on Twitter that he wants the community to show him how much they care about this franchise:

"How big is the TimeSplitters Community? Let me hear you!"

You can check out the Facebook page here if you want to support this particular cause.

Source: C&VG

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