Mario Marathon Charity Drive Begins June 22

Beginning Friday, June 22, a group of dedicated gamers in Lafayette, Indiana will host the fifth annual Mario Marathon fundraiser to benefit the Child’s Play Charity. The group has been doing this since 2008, and has managed to raise over $242,000 for Child's Play to-date.

Mario Marathon is a charity drive broadcast live online through Twitch.TV. The event starts with a small group of gamers attempting to complete a list of levels from Nintendo’s popular Super Mario video game series. Viewers take part in the marathon by adding levels to the players’ queue by making donations to Child’s Play. 

This process continues until either all of the levels are conquered or the donations stop being added to the queue before the level list is completed. During the broadcast viewers can interact with the team through the event’s website and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Past broadcasts have featured celebrity call-ins, sing-a-longs, contests and raffles.

"The support for the Marathon and Child’s Play Charity continues to grow each year, which is motivation enough to keep it going," said Brian Brinegar, Event Coordinator. "Year-round we receive messages from viewers, along with prize contributions for future Mario Marathons including games, original artwork, and thousands of dollars in donations."

Donations from the event’s website have already begun to trickle in, with $5,200 being contributed as of this writing.

You can get involved by visiting For more information on Child's Play, visit

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