PSN, PS Store Going Offline in South Korea to Comply with Shutdown Law

The PlayStation Store for South Korea will be shut down temporarily, according to a report on Kotaku. The digital marketplace for the PSP, PS3, and PS Vita will be shut down due to a new "Shutdown Law" in the country that is meant to keep gamers in the region age 16 or younger from playing games during a six hour block of time every night. The law was already imposed on the PlayStation Network.

Due to all this Sony says that it will take the PSN Store offline for all players starting on June 29 – just days before the law goes into full effect on July 1. While players will still be able to engage in multiplayer games, the bulk of the service has to be taken offline to make sure that it would be fully compliant with the new law. Sony hopes to have its services back and online in full sometime later this year.

South Korean lawmakers have been going after online game companies hard this month. Earlier this week news of a new law that would ban the sale of virtual goods within online games was announced. Much like the Shutdown Law, it would keep youngsters away from games that let them buy virtual goods to free up time to do more important things like studying. Yay. It sounds like growing up in South Korea is like a summer at Disneyland…

Source: Kotaku by way of Uncharted NES

South Korea grunge flag art © 2012 Christophe BOISSON, provided by Shutterstock.

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