Valve Reveals Portal 2 Educational Program

Valve has revealed Steam for Schools, a cool initiative that brings the joys of learning with Portal 2 to America's classrooms, at the Games For Change Festival. Steam For Schools, launching in a limited beta, will provide a limited Steam Client and a tailored version of Portal 2, along with the level editor and a workshop for hosting and organizing user-created levels. It will be free to teachers, who will have administrator access so that they can control what levels get shared.

While this particular version of the software is intentionally limiting because, as Valve's Leslie Redd says, "kids need a walled garden," Valve plans to make the program more open at some point.

Valve is using its own money to fund this educational initiative.

Those interested in learning more about getting into the beta this summer can sign up at

Source: Joystiq

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    DorthLous says:

    Valve, you have my love. Just… just don't be the next Google, ok? Or Blizzard… Or you know, even, EA… They all started so shining…

  2. 0
    DanHoyt says:

    I'd take that bet.

    Which happens first?

    A) Valve releases the third installment of any of their games


    B) Ubisoft releases Beyond Good & Evil 2


    My vote is Beyond Good & Evil 2.

  3. 0
    DanHoyt says:

    Valve is never going to make a third installment of any of their games. A sequel is easy, but a trilogy is impossible for them! Abandon all hope.


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    DanHoyt says:

    This is why Valve is so awesome. They are the opposite of the evil corporation and it makes me feel good to know that they have more than enough money to do this kind of stuff. I would've loved to have this at school.

    Keep up the good work Valve!

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