Blizzard Offering Refunds to South Korean Diablo III Players

Blizzard revealed that it would give full refunds to South Korean gamers who suffered from various connection errors during Diablo III's launch – most notably the dreaded "error 37" message. The decision to give full refunds follows a series of complaints by South Korean gamers to the government, which ultimately led to an investigation into Blizzard's Seoul office last month. Blizzard's policy of not giving refunds to customers who are actively using a product ran afoul of a South Korean Law that lets consumers get a full refund for a product within seven days of purchasing it.

But Blizzard decided that it was simply easier to acquiesce to the demands of consumers in South Korea and issued a statement announcing it on its South Korean web site.

In a post on the Korean, as translated by Wall Street Journal, Blizzard says that any Diablo III player under level 40 can apply for a refund from June 25 – July 3. Blizzard also said that it would accept returns from those users with less than level 20 characters within two weeks of purchase from now on. Those above level 40 will not be offered a refund.

Source: WSJ by way of Polygon

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