Microsoft Uses DMCA Takedowns to Purge ‘Xbox 720’ Document from the Internet

Microsoft is doing its best to erase a 56-page document detailing its plans for the "Xbox 720" off the Internet with a series of DMCA takedowns. The lengthy document was leaked onto the Internet over the weekend, and offered a glimpse into some of the things Microsoft might have planned for its next-generation system. If there was any doubt as to the document's authenticity these series of DMCA takedowns prove that Microsoft cares about it being read.

The document was hosted on Scribd and removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP, an international law firm that represents Microsoft in some capacity. A team of investigators have also started to send takedown notices to other sites hosting the leaked document including, and file storage site Dropbox.

The takedown notice being issued by agents working on behalf of Microsoft asks that the content be removed outright or access to it disabled.

Source: Polygon

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