Online Registration for Online Community Summit Ends June 22

Online registration for the Online Community Summit ends tomorrow (June 22). Taking place next week, the annual event dedicated to managing communities in the age of social media starts June 28 in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center. Admission to the event is $99 if you register online at

In addition to featuring speeches, talks, and workshops related to managing communities, the event will feature various professionals from the social media, big media and video game industries. Professionals taking part in the event in one capacity or another includes Melody Chu, Director of Customer Support, Mixbook; Tiffany Gaines, Lead Community and Social Media Manager, Voxer; Izzy Neis, Vice President of User Engagement, Fight My Monster; Regine Weiner, Vice President of Professional Services, Metaverse Mod Squad; Erin Hoffman , Lead Game Designer, Loot Drop Inc.; Ron Meiners, Director of Community, Sims, Electronic Arts; Terry Redfield, CCO/Founder, Real Life Plus; Ellen Steuer, Community Management and Social Design Consultant (formerly Gazillion, Disney); Will Chase, High Priest of Propaganda, Burning Man; Maya Grinberg, Chief Evangelist, Wildfire; Kristen McGorry, Senior Community Lead, Sims Social, Playfish; Rich Weil, VP of Client Services, Metaverse Mod Squad; Alan Dunton, Partner, TriplePoint PR; Robin Harper, VP, Customer Strategy,; rik Reynolds, Sr. Director Public Relations, EA Maxis, Electronic Arts; and Sarah Wulfeck, Digital Media Consultant, Formerly National Producer and Social Media Strategist for CBS News.

Find out more about the event here.

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