Video Games: An Industry in Transition Infographic

A new Infographic from Statista shows that the video game industry is in a state of transformation, as disc-based retail sales are starting to decline and digital distributed, free-to-play, and mobile games with micro-transactions are starting to see some momentum. Retail is far from dead, but it has been in decline and what and how gamers play is changing.

The Infographic shows that 70 percent of households say their favorite way to play games is with a dedicated home console, followed by the PC at 65 percent, smart phones at 38 percent, dedicated handheld devices at 35 percent and wireless devices at 26 percent.

While digital games have not overtaken retail yet, the numbers are slowly shifting: In 2011, retail sales accounted for 69 percent of the market, while digital sales represented 31 percent. The Infographic also shows that there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 – 170 million mobile phone users who play games by 2016 – a dramatic shift from 50 – 70 million in 2011.

The data comes from various sources including the ESA, NPD, Rovio, Activision Blizzard, and eMarketer. You can check it out here on Mashable.

Source: Mashable

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