Kickstarter Offers Daily Stats for Projects

In days of old, Kickstarter would only sporadically release information on projects, and often only when one project or another met some amazing milestone. That practice is changing. Now the most popular crowdfunding site on the Internet will release daily statistics on projects so that visitors can drill down into the data. The information will be divided into three categories: Projects and Dollars, Successfully Funded Projects, and Unsuccessfully Funded Projects. These categories are in turn broken up into 12 sub-categories such as games, film, music, design, publishing, etc.

So far a total amount of $262 million has been pledged to more than 60,000 projects on Kickstarter, with the success rate of getting funded at right around 44 percent. Of that pledged money, around $219 million was given to successful projects. When it comes to the gaming category (which includes board and card games) $31 million has been pledged to about 2,302 projects. The success rate in this category is right around 33.8 percent, with $26.5 million going to those projects. While gaming may have the lowest success rate compared to other categories, it has also produced the biggest buzz and the most successfully over-funded projects. The category has three projects that have each brought in more than $1 million. Most of the other categories do not have a single project that has generated so much promised funding.

Anyway, you can check out the new daily statistics at

Source: GamesIndustry International

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