Dutch Government: We Will Not Ratify ACTA Even if Approved by the European Parliament

No matter what happens in the European Parliament next month with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), the Dutch government said today that it will not ratify the treaty. Last week a fifth European committee – the Committee on International Trade – voted to recommend that the treaty be rejected by the full Parliament when it votes on it in the first week of July. But that matters not a lick to the Netherlands either way.

Economic affairs minister Maxime Verhagen and junior justice minister Fred Teeven told MPs in a briefing on Monday that their government has no plans on supporting this treaty.

"The government has taken the standpoint that it will not sign until it has been indisputably shown to be in line with the constitution," the briefing said.

ACTA has been rejected by five European Parliament committees so far: the Committee on International Trade, the Development Committee, the Civil Liberties Committee, Industry Committee, and Legal Affairs Committee.

Source: Dutch News. Thanks to Michael Chandra for the tip.

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