Microsoft Yanks Fez Patch from Xbox Live

A recent patch that was supposed to fix exploits in the popular indie puzzler Fez has apparently broken save games. Developer Polytron urged those who had not already downloaded it to avoid doing so, before Microsoft yanked the update off of Xbox Live .

On the official company blog the developer said the following:

"Microsoft has pulled the patch out of LIVE for now, so at least the problem won’t affect new users. We’re trying to find out what happened and fix it as soon as possible. Like, in less than two months. YAY GAME DEVELOPMENT!"

When asked for comment by Joystiq, Polytron said that it would "have more details as we work things out with [Microsoft] after the weekend."

Hopefully they can offer more details on the process of fixing these problems soon considering that it is officially "after the weekend."

Source: Joystiq

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