Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 8

In Episode 8 of the Super Podcast Action Committee, Andrew and Zachary actually manage to stay close to the 60 minute mark this week! Santa is real! The topics for this week's show include the Tetris cloning case ruling, Australia's new R18+ rating category for games, various topics related to Microsoft, and much more. Download Episode 8 it here: SuperPAC Episode 8.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    It's also interesting to note how high-budget games are marketed like movies, to the point where every high-budget game seems to need a trailer…

    I think following the 'Zap! Pow! Bam!' mentality of Hollywood with computer games is a dead-end in the long run anyway, whilst there will always be a market for it, I think the majority of people will get bored with that style of game eventually.

    Edit: As an example, take the X-COM series, it would be possible to make a movie out of the story, but never out of the game, because computer games allow the protagonist to be someone who could never be represented as such in a movie. That's why games like XCOM Enforcer wasn't recieved well and the Syndicate reboot bombed, because people took a 'film' attitude to the game and completely ignored what the game was.

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