EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht Will Not Give Up on ACTA

As this story from Techdirt points out, the EU commissioner responsible for the ACTA treaty, Karel De Gucht, has no intention of giving up on it. He seems to be oblivious to the recommendations to reject it from the five EU committees that have already voted on it, and will likely ignore the ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on whether ACTA is compatible with EU law. In a speech given just prior to the EU's International Trade committee's vote, Karel De Gucht tried to win members of the European Parliament over and vowed not to give up on the treaty.

"If you decide for a negative vote before the European Court rules, let me tell you that the Commission will nonetheless continue to pursue the current procedure before the Court, as we are entitled to do. A negative vote will not stop the proceedings before the Court of Justice."

He goes on to say that he plans to reassess ACTA if the court deems it incompatible with European law:

"If the Court questions the conformity of the agreement with the Treaties we will assess at that stage how this can be addressed. This implicitly confirms that the referral was simply a way to buy time, rather than an honest question about ACTA's legality."

He then says that he would propose some "clarifications" to the treaty such as "enforcement in the digital environment."

He adds that, if the treaty fails a vote in the European Parliament, he will simply resubmit it again at a later date.

"Second, once we will have identified and discussed these possible clarifications, I would intend to make a second request for consent to the European Parliament. Whether the Parliament will consider it under this legislature or the subsequent one, will be for you to decide."

Let us all hope that it is voted down in the first week of July and any future vote on the treaty follows a similar trend. There's a reason that so many countries are against ACTA – it's bad for the entire world.

Source: Techdirt

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