Epic’s Most Profitable Game Revealed

Epic Games created Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Bullet Storm, and Gears of War. Among those AAA franchises which would most people think is the most profitable for the company? Well it turns out that Epic's iOS game series, Infinity Blade, has proven to be the biggest money maker for the company.

"The most profitable game we've ever made, in terms of man years invested versus revenue, is actually Infinity Blade. It's more profitable than Gears of War," said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. The developer further explained that he was "very, very surprised to see how fast smartphone and tablet devices are improving."

Sweeny made his remarks at the Game Developers Conference in Taipei recently.

Epic Games announced earlier in the year that Infinity Blade managed to bring in $30 million, while the sequel managed to rake in over $5 million. Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment is currently working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons – due out later this year.

Source: Gamasutra

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