Report: Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Japanese Government Web Site Attacks

Individuals claiming to be a part of the hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for a series of cyber attacks on Japanese government websites. The websites for Japan's Finance Ministry, Supreme Court, and the DPJ and LDP political parties were taken down temporarily by attacks. The sites are now back online.

The Twitter account @op_japan – which is supposedly associated with Anonymous – claimed responsibility. The Twitter account said that the attacks were in response to Japan's new anti-piracy bill. The new law adds jail time to existing law and expands what is illegal to use like copyright circumvention hardware (R4 devices, for example).

The new law would "result in scores of unnecessary prison sentences to numerous innocent citizens", the Anonymous feed said.

Ministry official Takanari Horino told the BBC that a number of the Finance Ministry's web pages had been defaced on Tuesday and an unauthorized link was posted on the site.

"We are aware of the Anonymous statement referring to the new copyright law, but we don't know at this point if the cyber-attacks are linked to the group," he added.

Source: BBC

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    ChrowX says:

    Saw this news on another site and the evidence makes me feel skeptical. There are numerous spelling mistakes in the little manifesto they left on the website they hacked, including getting their own motto wrong.

    While it does seem like the sort of thing Anonymous would rally against, but the fact that they hit the wrong website in one case (The Kasumigaura river management office), don't seem to have a unified goal other than petty hacking, and that they aren't performing on their usual level is pretty questionable.

    Makes me think of the whole Sony debacle where they scrambled for weeks and then turned up a magical file that read, "We did it, signed Anonymous" because they are the magical catch-all group for any sort of hacking now.

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