Naming Names: The Six Republican Senators Who Wrote the ITC Supporting Microsoft’s Xbox 360

On June 19 we reported that six Republican Senators signed onto a letter written by Senators Herb Kohl (Chairman of the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights) and Mike Lee (Ranking Member of the same subcommittee) urging the International Trade Commission to reject a request by Motorola to ban Microsoft's Xbox 360 ("exclusion orders over standard-essential patents"). The Motorola action is related to a long-running dispute over royalty payments that Microsoft uses. At the time we did not know who those Senators were because our source for the story, the wonderful patent law site Foss Patents did not have access to the document.

Today the site's proprietor, patent expert Florian Mueller, passed along the names of those Republican Senators. Excluding Chairman Herb Kohl (Wisconsin) and Ranking Member Mike Lee (Utah), the six Republican Senators who signed the letter are Jon Kyl (Arizona; notably, the Republican Whip), John Cornyn (Texas), Jim Risch (Idaho), and John Hoeven (North Dakota).

You can read the whole letter that was sent to the ITC on June 19 here. The Senators join the ESA, Blizzard, Intel, Cisco, AT&T, IBM and others in their opposition to a North American ban of the Xbox 360.

[Full disclosure: Florian Mueller has worked with Microsoft in the past on patent issues.]

Source: Foss Patents

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