Delaware Passes Bill Approving Online Gambling

The state of Delaware has decided to legalize online gambling today. The Delaware State Senate approved the bill by a 14-6 vote to allow online betting in the state. The next stop for the bill is the desk of Gov. Jack Markell (D) for his signature. With state and local governments seeing growing budgets and shrinking revenue, they have warmed up to the idea of allowing gambling both in their cities and online. The law is the second in the country to approve online gambling on a state level. As this trend continues in other parts of the country, it is certainly going to get the attention of companies that make social games such as Zynga. In a perfect world online gambling being allowed would make it so that a game like Zynga Poker could have some real world monetary value attached to it.

In December of 2011, the Justice Department reinterpreted an online gambling law to allow skill-based gambling games to be played online. This encouraged Nevada to allow it, and now Delaware. Federal law limits online gambling to players within the states where it is legal.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Playscreen's chief technology officer, Sherri Cuono, thinks that challenges lay ahead when it comes to online gambling and social casino games that want to use real money. She says that there are a lot of checks and balances that come into play when states issue licenses to real-money gambling companies and online gambling companies have to be ready to deal with serious issues such as fraud.

"You have to treat people’s winnings as if it were money in the bank," she said, adding that she would put her money on full-blown real-money online gambling in 2013.

Source: CBS News by way of VentureBeat

"Two dice" illustration © 2012 Sergey Mironov, provided by Shutterstock.

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