Queensland Mom Gets Probation, Community Service for Stealing Over 500 Video Games

June 29, 2012 -

Earlier this year a 32 year-old woman was charged with 41 counts of stealing and fraud after allegedly trying to boost $2,500 AUD in electronics, games and other merchandise from a Big W department store in Queensland, Australia. When police searched her residence in Ipswich they realized that she had been at it for quite some time. 

A search of her residence revealed she had merchandise from area stores including Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart stores between the months of January 2011 and February 2012. Police claim she stole 515 video games and 63 other electrical items and pawned them for $7290 at local pawn shops.

Recently she pled guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to 41 counts of stealing, fraud and possessing tainted property. She also pled guilty to entering premises with intent and attempted stealing. While her attorney Yassar Khan said Johnson was a single mother-of-three who was struggling financially at the time, the Magistrate had other ideas about her crime spree.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Johnson had embarked on a "significant criminal enterprise" and described it as "prolonged and persistent with an enormous loss to the businesses you were targeting."

Johnson was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to perform 200 hours community service during the next 12 months.

Source: Kotaku

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Re: Queensland Mom Gets Probation, Community Service for ...

She's lucky she didn't download those games or she'd be likely facing extradition to the USA powered by the ESA, possibly twenty years jail time and potentially a penalty that would make Joel Tenenbaum and Jamie Thomas combined look like pennies on the dollar.

You all know it's true.

Papa Midnight

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