Report: Watch Dogs Promotion Reveals User Email Addresses

Oops! An email meant to promote Ubisoft's promising techno-thriller Watch Dogs inadvertently revealed the email addresses of thousands of fans who signed up to receive updates on the game. Publisher Ubisoft sent out an update on a fictitious character named Joseph Demarco who runs an art gallery called dotconnexion. Players were urged to sign up for dotconnexion updates on the official site, and one of those first updates went out today:

"It is with great regret that we inform you that Joseph Demarco passed away in a tragic, yet unexplained accident. Being one of the most important philanthropists in the local digital art scene, his demise has left a deep void in the community. Out of respect for his friends and family, the dotconnexion exhibition will be cancelled. Sincerely yours, The dotconnexion Team"

Unfortunately when the email was sent the email addresses were put CC'D instead of BCC'D, revealing a gigantic list of email addresses to anyone who received the update. According to a report on Eurogamer, not everyone that signed up for the alerts was affected: email addressed beginning with numbers or letters early in the alphabet fell victim, while those with email addresses starting with I and M were not.

Some argue that some or all of the revealed emails might be part of a publicity stunt and may not be real. If that's the case (and we doubt it is) it was a dumb idea – even when promoting a game about hacking a computer system that controls every facet of society… Ubisoft has not commented publicly on this story.

Source: Eurogamer


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