BlazeJam 2012 Aims to Help Colorado Wild Fire Victims

Indie game developers in Colorado have teamed up to create a 48 hour game jam to help support those affected by the Colorado wild fires called BlazeJam 2012. The charitable effort is being spearheaded by Cerulean Games, with the support of Glass Bottom Games and others.

"We may not be fire fighters, but there is a lot we can still do," said Dave Calabrese, CEO of Cerulean Games. "Colorado is my home, and I'm watching it burn to the ground. Thousands of people are being left stranded, and the fire has already cost an estimated $3.2 million. My company is stepping up to the plate to do our part and earn money to help as many people as we can to recover from this tragedy."

BlazeJam 2012 will kick off on the morning of Saturday, July 7th, and will continue through to the end of Sunday, July 8th. Funds will be raised through auctions of game related items and donations. Anyone donating at least $1 will receive a copy of all of the games developed during BlazeJam 2012. One-Hundred percent of the money generated during the jam will be given to the charities listed at

Dave Calabrese is also calling on other developers and industry professionals to help out.

"We need developers to join this to make it as successful as it can be. Whether you are just one person who wants to make your own game in a basement, or an entire team who wants to show your skills, everyone is welcome to join. Even artists, sound engineers, community managers, everyone – this is a fast paced effort to earn funds as fast as possible, and we need all the help we can get. Email us at to join in, and let's show the wildfire victims how much the game industry cares!"

For more information about BlazeJam 2012, check out

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