Happy Fourth of July

Hey folks! Andrew here, wishing you a very happy 4th of July. Have fun but be safe. Be smart. Don’t be like my sister’s stupid kitten who thought a lit firecracker was a sparkly grasshopper, picked it up in her teeth and ran off with it.

Silly kitty. Anyway, may your holiday be mercifully bereft of exploding kitty face.

Okay, okay. I sprinted after her, snatched her up, yanked the firecracker out of her mouth and tossed it away. It exploded in the air.

That was a close one. I nearly lost my fingers saving her life but she just looked at me like I was the biggest meanie ever for confiscating her awesome new toy. Which is not to say she was ungrateful. Heavens, no. From that day on, every night she came into my room while I was sleeping, hopped up on my bed and sunk her little, needle-like claws into my bare feet.

So, yeah. Happy Independence Day. – Andrew Eisen.

James here, wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day. While grilled meat, good drinks, fireworks and spending time with family is always a good thing, remember what this day is all about. Take some time out of the festivities to be thankful for the freedoms we have and make a vow to be vigilante in guarding them against those who would promise you security and safety at the cost of your liberty.

More importantly, protect those digits from things that go BOOM BOOM. On behalf of all of us at GamePolitics, happy Fourth of July! – James Fudge.

"July 4 Balloons in the national colors of the USA flag" illustration © 2012 Solvod, provided by Shutterstock.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    True that but it's not like we brought her outside.  She must have used the cat door.  An oversight on our part; we didn't foresee her coming outside and trying to eat a firecracker.  Just didn't cross our minds.

    Good thing I'm super fast when I need to be.  That could have ended poorly for the kitty's face or the fingers on my left hand.


    Andrew Eisen

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I'm glad everything turned out ok, but really, the kitten shouldn't have been anywhere near the fireworks to begin with.  It should have been secured in the house.  You never know when something like this will happen, or the animal will be scared and run away, etc.  Animals + explosives is just not a winning combination.

    German tank-killer dogs excepted, perhaps…  >.>

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