PSA: July 9 Deadline Approaches for Those Still Affected by DNSChanger

Back in March we reported the FBI's plans to shut down the DNS servers it was running to allow those affected by the DNSChanger malware to access the Internet. Dating all the way back to 2007, DNSChanger targeted Windows or Mac systems by manipulating Domain Name Servers (DNS) and DNS routing. When a computer became infected the malware would redirect DNS requests to servers controlled by an internet crime ring, which then served up web ads to users.

After busting the Estonian criminal ring running the DNSChanger malware and servers, the FBI secured a court order on March 12 that authorized the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to roll out and maintain temporary clean DNS servers to deal with those computers around the world that were affected by DNSChanger. At the time the FBI said that this was a temporary measure and that these servers would be shut down on July 9. When that happens, DNS-related Internet activity on those computers still infected with DNSChanger will cease to function. Next Monday is July 9.

The FBI estimates that the number of infected computers around the world is somewhere around 275,000. To check and see if you are infected with this malware, check out this FBI page.

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